A jack of all trades is a master of none,

but oftentimes better than a master of one.

Cubuzzle is an Alistar Alliance company. We are the authorized dealers and stockists of GAN, MoYu, QiYi, YJ cubes and DAVICI in the UAE. We provide all cubers an easy-to-shop, safe and secure experience with fast deliveries at their doorstep.

The Alistar business concept was started to be a simplistic company providing products/services giving true value to their customers. We are a bunch of creative people who call themselves to be innovators, strategists, planners, experimenters, number gurus, and light philosophers. 


Our company in Dubai, UAE was established in 2017 with a passion to bring the latest, innovative, and most exciting brands that are as ‘smart’ as they are ‘effective’. Affordable by all, they make our everyday life simpler, better, healthier, and fit so that we can spend our precious time concentrating on people and things that matter most.


We are on course to achieve our vision by creating a smart, collaborative, efficient, and self-sufficient company. Our policy is to cut down all inessential costs in our supply chain and overheads and pass these benefits to our customers. This gives our products true value and the right price for everyone to buy. We are constantly bringing on-board new quality products that are in line with our core vision of making your everyday life simpler, better, healthier, and fit.

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