DAVICI WOODEN Jigsaw PUZZLE "Hedgehog- The Traveler" 16 x 17 CM - 30 PARTS - Beginner Level

Dhs 84.00
By Davici

The plot: Animals / Travel

Size of the assembled picture: 16 х 17 cm

To whom: Child under 5 / Child under 7 / Child under 9 / Boy / Son

Reason: Knowledge Day / Boy's Birthday / Girl's Birthday

Size of the assembled picture: Small

Assembling time: 1-3 hours

Picture shape: Non-standard

Author: Olga Popugaeva, Dmitry Nepomnyashchiy

Complexity level: Light Level

LxWxH: 170x120x40 mm

Weight: 194 g


Hi all! I am a kind Hedgehog,
I look like a ball.
I stand thoughtfully -
I want to travel!
I took a friend with me, we
shook off the dust from the suitcase early.
They stopped dreaming with him and
began to do and desire.
We got into a fashionable car,
Who turns the wheel?
We freeze, barely breathing -
How good the planet is!
If we go astray,
Then we will return by the stars,
Puzzles are waiting at home, friends,
I love to collect them!

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