Davici Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle “Time of Fairy Tales” 29 x 44 cm - 333 parts - Difficult level

Dhs 230.00
By Davici

Age: 14+

The plot: Fairy Tales / Animals

Size of the assembled picture: 29 х 44 cm

To whom: Girl / Daughter / Mom / Woman / Man / Colleague

Reason: Family Day / New Year's Day

Size of the assembled picture: Medium

Year: 2014

Assembling time: 4-8 hours

Picture shape: Rectangular

Author: Viktor Nizovtsev

Material: Canvas, oil.

Complexity level: Medium level

LxWxH: 300x200x60 mm

Weight: 636 g

About the Puzzle Design:

For the first time, artists have presented in the details of one puzzle as many as 6 fairy tales from childhood - with all the main characters and paraphernalia. The story of each fairy tale in the jigsaw puzzle unfolds in a separate ball. This solution makes assembling the puzzle especially fun. To solve the set's mysteries, start by looking at the details and recognizing the group of characters from each piece. Many decorating details will be a bonus when assembling the main puzzle field.

What fairy tale was your favorite as a child? Like a New Year's ball with snow, the artistic cutting of the puzzle reveals fairy-tale scenes. A blue-blue sea splashes in one of the balls, and a goldfish appears from the curly waves in front of the Old Man. What else will the Old Woman want, besides a new hut and a new trough? Rock and roll chords sound from the next ball - the Troubadour, Donkey, Dog, Cat and Rooster perform a musical number in front of the King and Princess. In the third ball, construction is in full swing. In one of the houses, the brothers will definitely not be afraid of the evil Gray Wolf! And if you find the Golden Key among the details, you can open the fourth story - look into the puppet theater, where Pierrot and Harlequin, Malvina and Artemon, the treacherous cat Basilio and the fox Alice will be waiting. The fairy tale will begin from the very beginning - Papa Carlo's closet and the mysterious fireplace.

Where can we look for the little brother who was carried away by the geese and swans? The fairy tale will tell you: of course, in Baba Yaga’s hut! Save the baby together with his sister - the kind Pechka and Yablonka will be your helpers. And whatever doesn’t come true, it’s worth whispering: “By the command of the pike, according to my desire”! If the stove has replaced the sleigh, the ax chops the wood itself, and the buckets and yoke go home on their own, then Emelya has already caught the magic Pike.

The assembly will turn into a meeting with your favorite fairy-tale characters and will briefly return you to childhood - the time when the main miracles happen. Once upon a time... the journey begins!

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