Davici Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle “The Watchmaker” 52 x 47 cm - 400 parts - Difficult level

Dhs 290.00
By Davici

Age: 14+

The plot: Travel

Size of the assembled picture: 52 х 47 cm

To whom: Girl / Woman / Man / Dad / Colleague / Teacher

Reason: Woman's Birthday / Man's Birthday / Anniversary / Wedding

Size of the assembled picture: Big

Year: 2014

Assembling time: 4-8 hours

Picture shape: Non-standard

Author: Alex Fishgoit

Material: Canvas, oil.

Complexity level: Complex level

LxWxH: 320x280x100 mm

Weight: 600 g

About the Puzzle Design:

Riddle set, movement set “Clockmaker” is a puzzle with a moving “Illusion of Time” mechanism. In the assembled puzzle, the ship moves under the influence of the gears of a giant clock mechanism, representing an image of fate in relation to the perception of time. Assemble the puzzle, turn the mechanism with a key, and the watchmaker will indicate a symbol in the window. 5 hidden puzzle pieces containing this symbol come together to reveal a secret message.

When we think about time, we tend to think about the ways in which we measure the passage of time, such as a clock, or perhaps a measured interval of time, such as an hour or a minute, but not about time itself. In this painting, the clock has been disassembled, suggesting that the way we see time is an illusion our mind creates to connect events in our lives sequentially. The face of a woman in a Venetian masquerade headdress is connected to gears, representing past events connected to the present. A boat that slowly floats on the calm waters of an ever-changing present suggests that how we manage our present will create our future, and that destiny can be shaped by the individual. In the wooden image of the puzzle, the boat “rises” from the plane of the puzzle and begins to move, following the watchmaker’s commands.

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Tarek Abdullah

It's so much fun to work with. I would definitely get the full collection.