GAN 12 M Maglev UV 3x3 Magnetic Speedcube

Dhs 217.00

Released in 2021! GAN 12 is Gan’s latest 3×3 flagship. The GAN12 MagLev UV 3x3 is at the very peak of 3x3 innovation and design. This flagship puzzle includes adjustable magnets in the pieces and an adjustable magnetic levitation tension/compression system. This technology utilizes opposing magnets to imitate the feel of a spring while also reducing friction and spring noise. This version has a glossy finish out the outer surface.

The M means that the cube is magnetized, which means that small strong magnets help you pull the layers in place. MagLev stands for magnetic levitation and means that the springs have been replaced with levitating magnets to avoid noise and friction, and to speed up the cube. UV stands for ultraviolet coating and is a kind of glossy varnish that lies on the cube’s surfaces and protects it from scratches.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

To say the least this cube is pretty good & smooth.Sometimes its uncontrollably fast but it depends on your cube settings but we can adjust it to how we comes with extra accessories. I would recommend it for advanced cubers it's a good purchase

Pierre Chaaya

Very good

Ananmaya the Cuber
Best cube for the price

When i got my cube, i tried it out. it instantly became my main. very smooth and controllable and adjustable

Shaikh Riaz

It was amazing, it was smooth, it had great quality and i loved it.