GAN 12 ui FreePlay Bluetooth Smart Speed Cube - Latest 2023 Release

Dhs 445.00


GAN 12 UI Free Play 3x3 is the latest Bluetooth Smart Cube by GAN.

It is the first smart cube that utilizes Ai plus Maglev, a flagship speed cube design which results in spectacular performance!

Connect it with the free mobile application 'CubeStation' to compete with your friends or random cubers in the global online battle. There is also a teaching system that can help you through your solve, suggest tips or improvements, and generally make you a better solver. And with this smart cube’s 15-hour battery life, you’ll be cubing all day!

Comes in 2 versions:

1. Standard Charger:

  • Requires Type-C USB cable (included) to charge
  • Does NOT store a charge like the PowerPod does

2. PowerPod Charger:

  • Portable charging case which holds a total of 8 charges for your smart cube
  • Power level indicated by lights on the case


  • Enhanced core positioning auto-aligning technology
  • 64 factory-installed magnets
  • 8 corner magnet settings
  • Numerical GTN tensioning system (3 settings)
  • Honeycomb piece design for better lubricant distribution
  • Gyroscope technology allows movement tracking
  • 15 hours of battery life
  • Compatible with GAN CubeStation mobile app and GAN Robot

Speed cube structure:

Optimizing the structure by decreasing speed cube core size and restructuring the centerpieces. GAN 12 ui FreePlay got a qualitative leap on handy feel, corner cutting, and anti-pop.

Intelligence & Magnetism:

The advanced smart core can track every turning and reduce the starting resistance to burst out your speed.

Flawless transmission:

The core has 6-angle sensors that can capture every move sensitively and flawlessly, greatly preventing step lose.

Online cubing tournament:

Breaking geographical restrictions, you can view or attend all the online competitions, no matter where you are.

Learn from Top Players:

Meet and joint the team of top players, check the reconstruction of top players. The world of Cubestation is full of surprises!

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