GAN 251 M Air 2x2 Magnetic Speedcube Stickerless

Dhs 89.00

  • The GAN 251 M Air is an updated body/mechanism from the previous 251 M. This lightweight and fast cube will be great for solvers who enjoy that feel.
  • WHAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE - GAN 251 M Air has un-adjustable corner magnets and no magnet in the core. That reduces the weight and the cube turns very straightforward. 
  • VARIOUS TUNING - Tuning versatility is always GAN's prominent feature, and GAN 251 M remain so. It is equipped with 2 kinds of nut distances and 4 levels elasticity. All 24 configurations can be achieved within seconds, only a tool and alternative GES nut needed. Have more styles to tune but cost less time to explore.
  • GAN 251 M UPGRADED - 3 versions available from the menu: Air, Pro and Leap. With magnetic core inside, new GAN 251 series has smoother turning feel and lighter body.