GAN 356 i3 Bluetooth Smart Speed Cube

Dhs 232.00

Introducing the GAN i3, the latest and greatest Bluetooth Smart Speed Cube from GAN. Find your cubing friends all over the world and cube together. The i3 has all features of it's predecessors and improves upon them significantly with a whole new updated design. The cube itself has structural improvements to improve performance while the computer inside has also seen updates to improve latency and efficiency. This is also the world's first bluetooth cube with adjustable magnets which allow you to choose from 7 different magnetic strengths.

Key Features:

  • GAN Smart Core 3.0 - Compatible with Cube station App & GAN Robot - Perfect combination of hyper performance and online battle
  • 7 Levels of Magnet Strength Adjustment
  • Gyroscope 3.0 technology connects to your phone and allows movement tracking - 10 times faster animation sync
  • Upgraded Encoder keeps up with fast TPS - Almost 0 step lost - TPS 10+ can also fully record
  • Up to 15 Hours of Battery Life - 365 Days of Standby time

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Mohamed Badreldin
Cheerful experience

Excellent service and supper quality product.
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