GAN 356 M Lite 3x3 Combo Pack: Includes GAN 356 M Lite, Smart Bluetooth Timer & Mat Set

Dhs 195.00


Buy our Combo Pack and save up to 15% 

Why buy the GAN Mat with the GAN Bluetooth Timer?

  1. GAN Mat protects the cube when the cube is dropped to stop the timer.
  2. The GAN Mat has buttons to secure the GAN Timer in place so if the cube is dropped on the mat it stops the timer from clashing with the cube and protects the cube from getting damaged.

GAN Magnetic 3x3 356 M Lite:

  1. While the magnet strength is not adjustable you will still find plenty of adjustment options through the Wing-Shaped IPG Core with included blue GES.
  2. Magnet Capsules- Fast & Stable 
  3. All Symmetry Locked Clips Design- Tighter Seamless Joints
  4. Honey Comb V2- Lube Spreads Wider, Smoothness Lasts Longer.

Features of GAN Smart Timer :

  1. Professional smart timer- can be connected to the Ai CubeStation App through Bluetooth.
  2. Accurate time keeping 
  3. The CubeStation App will auto-upload your results to GAN's server and analyse the cubing result. Access the data easily on the App.
  4. Simple User Interface - There are just 3 buttons, power, reset and switch button.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Abdullah Murtaza

GAN 356 M Lite Magnetic Speedcube

Sreshan Rajan
GAN is amazing

It is insanely good

Michael Salumbides

Product came sealed and works as intended out of the box. Still got no problems with it whatsoever. Price is also very good for its performance. Highly recommended.

rashid yousef
very good cube for price

I loved this cube because I use the standard settings and since this is the gan xs but without most of the features and just the regular settings, this is my favorite cube for a fraction of the price
(a little bit of lube will probably help)
I would recommend this if you don't mess around with the settings and you want a good speed cube for a great price