GAN Expert Magnetic Combo Pack: 251 M Pro, 11 M Pro, 460 M, Skewb, Megaminx, Mirror

Dhs 887.00

GAN Expert Combo Pack Includes:

  1. GAN 251 M Pro 2x2 Magnetic
  2. GAN 11 M Pro Stickerless (Primary) 3x3 Lightweight Magnetic
  3. GAN 460 M Stickerless - 4x4 Magnetic
  4. GAN Pyraminx - Standard Magnetic
  5. GAN Skewb M -Standard Magnetic
  6. GAN Mirror M Purple UV
  7. GAN Megaminx Magnetic-Lightest 113gm Stickerless

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    Megaminx: Features

    1. Easy to tune the combination of Ipg-12 and GES v3 makes GAN's unique elastic system.
    2. 120 magnetic capsules all around the cube, making every turn precise and quick.
    3. Honeycomb contact surface design inside the cube keeps the lubrication long-lasting & smooth.

    Pyraminx: Features

    1. Central Magnetic Unit- Gives faster speed & lower starting resistance.
    2. 120 degrees of corner cutting- no more lock-ups and pops.
    3. Frosted Surface-Durable and Hard to get scratches on
    4. Honey Comb- Once lubricated, Long lasting smooth feel.

     GAN Mirror: Features

    1. 48 magnets- makes aligning much faster and accurate.
    2. Prolonged lubrication
    3. Excellent corner-cutting
    4. Adjustable tension settings
    5. Controllable turning

     GAN Skewb: Features

    1. New magnetic core- reduces the starting resistance 
    2. GES Pro- makes tuning fast and accurate
    3. Adjust both tension and the elasticity of the springs.
    4. Perfect Corner-Cutting
    5. Honey Comb- Once lubricated, Long lasting smooth feel.
    6. Frosted Surface-Durable and Hard to get scratches on

    GAN 460 M: Features

    1. Stronger Corner Cut, Smoother Turn.
    2. Honey Comb Contact Surface- results in longer endurable smooth handfeels
    3. Higher Strength Feets, Unbreakable Parts.
    4. No Pop-Ups- Pieces are all locked up by clips perfectly and firmly.
    5. Magnets are kept inside capsules (aren’t glued by hand). The magnets sit precisely & adds solid stability.

    GAN 11 M Pro: Features

    1. GES Pro- 24 Kinds of Numerical Tuning 
    2. GMS V3- 7 Sets Of Magnet Strenghts
    3. 8 Steps For Magnet Tuning 
    4. Enchanced Core Positioning -Low Starting Resistance 
    5. Easy Corner Cutting- Anti Pop/Anti Twist

    GAN 251 M Pro: Features

    1. 63 magnets including Magnetic Core
    2. GMS V3- 3 Level Tuning
    3. 4 GES Nuts- Strong to Weak 
    4. GES V3- 8 Kinds of Numerical Tension Tuning 



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