GAN 11 Mini M Pro 3x3 Magnetic Speedcube

Dhs 136.00

GAN 11 M Pro Mini M is a smaller version of GAN 11 M Pro, which is this year’s best-selling speed cube. It is the exact same cube, but the outer layers have been cut to make it smaller in size. This means the exact same amazing performance, and at the same time a better choice for those with smaller hands. Also good for those who like to solve one handed or simply prefer the more compact size.

It has the same adjustable magnetic strength, magnetic core and same advanced adjustment system. This variant is only available in frosted stickerless. Since the cube is smaller, it also weighs less, with an incredibly low 54 grams. This is a fantastic speedcube that we highly recommend. Undoubtedly the best mini-cube ever released.

    Key features

    • 53mm size (56mm regular size)
    • Adjustable magnet strength
    • Dual-adjustment core for independent spring compression & tension
    • Corner/core magnet positioning system


    • Easy to customize
    • 4 tension settings
    • 6 spring compression settings
    • 3 magnet strength settings
    • Honeycomb piece design for smoother turning
    • Magnetic core
    • Frosted exterior finish

    Accessories included

    • Premium case
    • Adjustment tools
    • Alternative strength magnets