GAN Robot and GAN 356 i Carry 2 Smart Bluetooth Speed Cube Combo Pack

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GAN Robot
  • SCRAMBLED IN, ARRANGED OUT: Don't know how to solve a magic cube? GAN Robot is your brain saver. Connect to Cube Station app and solve with a simple click. Support GAN 356 i (and more GAN Cubes in future).
  • FOCUS ON SOLVING, NOT SCRAMBLING: Scramble is so boring, why not give it to GAN Robot? It masters 43 quintillion kinds of permutations, seamlessly combined with APP’s training and battle mode.
  • A PRODUCT OF FUTURE INTELLIGENCE: The cube can be recognized whatever direction it's been put in and Robot instantly gives out best algorithm. Support dual cubes for OLL, PLL or specified scramble-practice.
  • DESIGN FOR CONVENIENCE: GAN Robot is foldable and portable with quakeproof, non-slip desk; It has 5 claws which grip cube firmly and turn precisely, and a button to fetch your cube in a simple way.
  • STAY CONNECTED WITH GAN CUBE: By choosing GAN Cube store, you are choosing world's most successful cube brand. No worry about missing parts or unpleasant experience, our CS Team will make you satisfied.
GAN356 i carry 2 - Latest 2024 Version

GAN 356 i Carry 2 Bluetooth 3x3 is an updated, chargeless bluetooth speed cube from GAN.

It features improved performance that is comparable to some flagship 3x3s and the concept of an interchangeable battery is very convenient for some!

Bluetooth functionality

Connect your GAN cube to your phone's Cube Station app via Bluetooth and enjoy many cool features! The Cube Station app will give you statistics based on your solve times, training exercises, races with cubers across the world, and more!

Changing the battery

GAN advertises that the pre-installed battery is good for 700 (370 more than previous version) hours of use before it needs to be changed. Click here for tutorial to change the battery.

Accessories included

  • Storage box
  • Storage bag
  • Alternate strength tension nuts
  • CFOP algorithm sheet

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