GAN Smart Bluetooth Cube Timer - Dark Samurai - Bluetooth Timer for Speedcube

Dhs 105.00

GAN Smart Bluetooth Cube Timer - Dark Samurai

GAN Smart Timer. GANCUBE. Bluetooth timer for speedcube with great accuracy and false triggering proof system. Connect to the app to enjoy data net storing.


INNOVATIVE SMART TIMER - This GAN timer is totally different from traditional speed cube timers. It is a professional smart timer which can be connected to the Ai CubeStation App through Bluetooth as well as with GAN smart devices such as GAN smart cubes.

ACCURATE TIME KEEPING - It is accurate to 0.001 seconds, which is at the most professional cubing timekeeping level.

ONLINE CUBING RESULTS ANALYSIS - The CubeStation App will auto-upload your results to GAN's server and analyse the cubing result for you (e.g. Cubing speed trend, solving frequency). You can access the data easily in the App and develop accurate action to improve on speed cubing.

SIMPLE USER INTERFACE - There are just 3 buttons, power, reset and switch button. It's highly recommended for children to start solving their cubes with a smart timer.

DELICATE APPEARANCE - The logo light and signal indicator light make the timer unique and unmatched. It's definitely one of the most eye-catching speed cube timer in the market.