QiYi X-MAN TORNADO V3 M PIONEER UV 3X3 Maglev Magnetic Core Speed Cube

Dhs 168.00
By Qiyi

The X-Man Tornado V3 M Pioneer is QiYi's new flagship 3x3 speed cube. With three versions available, you can make sure this fits inside your budget and specification.

Product Specifications:

Type 3x3
Released 2022-09-17
Size 55.5MM
Magnets Magnetic
Item Weight 72G


Key Features:

  1. Improved mechanism- gives a more cohesive, smooth feel when turning.
  2.  Core magnets and maglev technology
  3. Replacing the rivets with screws and allowing the center caps to fit from any orientation.

Version Comparison:

Version Magnetic System
Standard Magnetic Pieces
Flagship Magnetic Core + Magnetic Pieces
Pioneer Maglev + Magnetic Pieces + Magnetic Core

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Very magnetic

The cube was so magnetic and good to control.The best cube I ever had

sebastien brochard
I love it

I love it! It's beautiful, it's smooth, it's great!
I'm no fast cuber, but ai can see why some many fast guys went for this one.