Davici Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle "The Green Bear" 18 x 25 cm - 80 parts - Beginner Level

Dhs 110.00
By Davici

The plot: Animals / Fairy Tales

Size of the assembled picture: 18 х 25 cm

To whom: Child under 5 / Child under 7 / Child under 9 / Girl / Boy / Daughter / Son

Reason: A girl's birthday / A boy's birthday

Size of the assembled picture: Small

Assembling time: 1-3 hours

Picture shape: Rectangular

Author: Denis Serkov

Complexity level: Light Level

LxWxH: 220x150x40 mm

Weight: 364 g


About the Puzzle Design:

He walks through the forest
with a backpack at the ready,
Singing, surprising,
Filling the forest with happiness!
He is a green bear, cute
and so friendly.
He does not boast of strength,
He is beautiful in kindness!
All the finds are hidden in the puzzle
Let's start collecting
Who did we meet on the road?
Try to count everyone.
The bear has a riddle...
It will be possible to fly,
If it is a joy to assemble from parts with a mark.

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