Davici Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle “Summer Fairy Tale” 20 x 28 cm - 100 parts - Easy Level

Dhs 117.00
By Davici

The plot: Animals / People

Size of the assembled picture: 20 х 28 cm

To whom: Child under 5 / Child under 7 / Child under 9 / Boy / Girl / Son / Daughter

Reason: Girl's Birthday / Boy's Birthday / Knowledge Day

Size of the assembled picture: Small

Assembling time: 1-3 hours

Picture shape: Rectangular

Author: Denis Serkov

Complexity level: Light Level

LxWxH: 220x150x40 mm

Weight: 387 g

About the Puzzle Design:

How can I spend the summer in the village without the Internet?
Boris was worried.
He's sad and the nose drooped.
What awaits Boris there?
Will he climb mountains?
Will he swim in the river, sunbathe and have fun?
If something happens, the one who puts all the puzzles together will know.
You will find answers to everything - the puzzle will reveal all the secrets!
From the details it will develop how friendship multiplies:
What will become the main thing for his glorious friend?
Of gifts?

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