GAN 12 M Leap 3x3 Magnetic Speedcube FROSTED

Dhs 170.00

The NEW 2021 GAN 12 M LEAP by GAN Cube is the new, yearly flagship release. The GAN 12 M comes in two editions:

  • GAN 12 M LEAP for Incredible Control and Speed 
  • GAN 12 M MAGLEV for Blistering Speed

The LEAP edition of the new 2021 Premium Flagship GAN 12 M speed cube brings you all of the great innovations of the popular GAN 11 M Pro speed cube and further introduces the new GAN Magnetic Core 2.0. GAN12 M leap is going to refresh your speedcubing experience with miraculous 30 degree auto aligning as a real weapon. With advanced corner magnets the angle of magnetic attraction has been increased incredibly to 30 degrees and many futuristic techniques like:


  • 64 magnets Ultra stable with linear consecutive magnet feel
  • Enhanced core positioning 2.0 
  • GES PRO+ plus GMS V3 - Magical Magnetic GES - The prologue of magnetic repulsion
  • With the new GES PRO+ you can now tune travel distance and tension without switching GTN and GES nuts superfast
  • Numerical GTN separate design with numerical 6 travel distance settings 
  • GES Nuts+ GES CenterPiece-- add studs for tension tuning fine adjustment with 6 tension settings
  • 8 Steps quick tuning- 8 corners, finish tuning in 8 steps
  • 7 magnet settings - 6 corner and 1 non corner magnet settings
  • New GAN box v8S for GAN 12 Series. Easy unboxing and shiny display. Open with a single press.
  • Frosted Surface
  • 90 Degree Corner Cutting
  • 30 Degree Auto Aligning
  • Signature Honeycomb Internal Design
  • Weight: 61 grams


  • GAN 12 M 3x3 Speed Cube 
  • New Gan Box V8S
  • Gan Blue Bag
  • Customization Tutorial
  • CFOP Tutorial
  • Adjustment Accessories
  • ID Card

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Sandip Banerjee

GAN 12 M Leap 3x3 Magnetic Speedcube FROSTED