GAN Megaminx Magnetic Speed Cube - GAN Alien - Lightest 113gm Stickerless

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What is a Megaminx?

Dodecahedron shaped. It has 12 faces, and 62 pieces including 12 center pieces, 20 corner pieces and 30 edge pieces, resulting 1.01×10^68 of combinations. If it takes at least 3.47s (single world record) for solving a 3×3 cube, it takes 27.81s (single world record) for solving a Megaminx.

  • Light as a Bulb - GAN Megaminx weights only 113g, it is even 15% lighter than other megaminx in the market - The lighter a Megaminx is, the more flexible it will be and easier to solve.

  • Easy to tune - The combination of Ipg-12 and GES v3 makes GAN’s unique elastic system (GES) a close aide to help us easily tune the Megaminx. If you want to adjust the tightness, just screw each GES nuts. To achieve the best result.

12-Axle IPG: Carbon Steel+High-Strength Plastic, it is lighter and stabler
GES v3: 4 types of elasticity, easy to tune
  • 120 Magnetic Capsules - Features 120 magnets systems all around in the cube, making every turn a precise and quick move. Helps you to break your speed limit.

  • Lubrication can be Permanent - With honey comb contact surface design throughout inside the cube, lubrication can sustain for a very long time, keeps the Megaminx smooth.

  • GAN Megaminx performs well in every aspect, like corner-cutting, anti-POP anti-corner-twist, etc.

    – Corner-Cutting: Positive Corner-Cut 42° Reverse Corner-Cut 25°
    – Triple feets in the edge pieces: Anti-POP
    – Cylindrical inner side of the corner feet in the corner pieces: Anti-Corner-Twist

  • 33mm size with the Concave-Arc design, more suitable for your fingers.
    Let the hand feel and the grasp keep up with the speed of your fingers. 

  • The GAN ball transparent box - If you want to take out or put in the cube, with the T-buckle lock, all you need to do is to simply screw the ball.

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Mariam Alramzi

GAN Megaminx Magnetic Speed Cube - GAN Alien - Lightest 113gm Stickerless

Ayaan Dias
awesome cube great for the beginners and pros

the gan megaminx is one of the best megaminxses i have tried out grat product for advanced and beginner's