GAN 249 V2 2x2 Non Magnetic Speedcube Stickerless

Dhs 45.00 Dhs 59.00

The GAN 249 V2 is the second version of GAN 249. The cube has received an upgrade to a detail which made the cube occasionally lock up when solving at very high speeds. This has now been fixed in this latest version. In addition, they’ve added their patented honey comb surface to the inside of the pieces, just like GAN has done for some of their most popular products. Pictures are shown below. The cube was also given new, refreshing brighter colors.

In addition to the unique feeling provided by the new honeycomb surface, the cube is unique in several aspects. Dimensions are slightly smaller than other 2×2 cubes on the market, coming in at 49 mm (hence the name 249, 2×2 49 mm). The cube is very light, just 52 grams. This makes it similar to the Gans Air-series cubes, making the cube feel very light and airy smooth. The cube is also a special type of stickerless cubes – the mechanism inside the cube itself is white and the plastic on the outside has been colorized, instead of stickers.